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Services & processes

A team of highly-trained professionals is responsible for offering good service, taking special care of all the stages in the different processes. Once the pigs have been butchered in the slaughterhouse (outbuilding), the by-products enter the PPS chilling tunnel by means of an automated conveyor. They remain there for some 90 minutes at a temperature of between 6º and 8º.
Next, each product is conveyed to its processing line. Once the product has been separated, cleaned and classified into boxes, it is immediately transported (always temperature-controlled) to the freezing tunnels. Once there, it is subjected to temperatures of -40º for a period of 24 hours. Then, it is put on pallets and stored in chiller cold rooms at -20º.
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We guarantee the traceability of our products


The freezing and conservation of a product is as important as its careful preparation. After processing, all of our products are frozen in tunnels at -40 degrees. They stay there for 24 hours before being palletised and stored in chiller cold rooms at -20 degrees.

The traceability of any product is guaranteed through the computerised radio frequency control system which operates throughout the refrigerated warehouse.

We know where each item is at all times as well as its packaging, pallet and how it has been handled. Therefore, the margin for error is minimal.



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PPS S.A. is a company devoted to processing all the viscera and casings from the Grupo Jorge (the group to which we belong) slaughterhouses.

Our products are distributed throughout the country and internationally across Europe, Asia and Africa.